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Appointment Types

We work hard to make every visit affordable and meaningful.

When scheduling an appointment with our medical providers there are some general guidelines you can use to determine the approximate cost of your appointment. We base the visit cost on the amount of time it usually takes us to complete the visit.

We charge by the time it takes to adequately cover patient's health concerns. We encourage patients to come prepared to their appointment so they spend less money on their medical care.

Not sure what type of appointment you need?

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Simple Patient Visit | $50

Approx Length 15 Minutes

A simple patient visit is ideal for patients with one medical complication and prescription.

Visit Examples

  • Refill for acyclovir for herpes outbreak

  • Med refill

  • Antibiotics for urinary tract infection

  • Birth control refill

  • Flu

  • Cramps

Moderate Patient Visit | $100

Approx Length 30 Minutes

The moderate complex patient visit is best suited for patients that have two medical conditions that are ongoing.

Visit Examples

  • Visit for persistent nausea with known origin

  • Visit for simple chronic pain

  • Visit for anxiety/depression/suicidal idealization

  • Visit to cover blood sugar levels, skin infection, ear aches, stomach issues, eye issues, swollen eyes, red rashes, bumpy rash, throwing up, head aches, yeast infections, blood in urine, cramps, pain in arm

  • 6 month follow up for hormones; testosterone, thyroid, estrogen.

Complex Patient Visit | $200

Approx Length 60 Minutes

(Recommended for All New Patients)

Complex patient visits are the most in depth visit offered with a comprehensive look into all aspects of a patient's health; including review of past and current health issues, medications, treatments, diet, environmental and lifestyle factors, and develop an individual health plan based on goals.

Visit Examples

  • Visit for persistent nausea with no known origin.

  • Visit for complex chronic pain.