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Types of Telemedicine Appointments | Prices

Clock Face 15 Minutes

Simple Visit 15 Minute Telemedicine


  • Single health concern

  • 1 Medication

  • Changes to 1 existing medication

  • Almost all medication refills without changes

  • Simple urgent needs like Bladder Infections; Yeast infections, Respiratory Infections, sick notes for work/school

  • Determine if a trip to the urgent care or emergency room is necessary

Clock Face 30 Minutes

Moderate Visit 30 Minute Telemedicine


  • Moderate or 2 health concerns

  • 2-3 Medications; refills needing dose adjustment.

  • Initial prescription for pain medications, ADHD medications, or ketamine for home use. (These can only be done Telemedicine while DEA has lifted the in-person requirement due to COVID-19)

  • Multiple medication refills that don't require changes

Clock Face 60 Minutes

Complex Visit 60 Minute Telemedicine


  • Multiple or complex health concerns.

  • 4 or more Medications

  • Recommended for all new patients that can't come to our office.

  • FMLA Paperwork

  • Disability Paperwork

Other issues commonly covered:

  • Birth Control

  • Emotional Support Animal ESA Letter

  • Issues with Periods

  • Medication Management

  • New Patient Consultation for Ketamine Infusion

  • Skin Rashes

  • Upper Respiratory Infections

  • Verification Letters

We use Google Meet for Telemedicine | Download Link

Google Meet Logo for Telemedicine

We use Google Meet for telemedicine because we have found it to be the easiest for patients to use, the consistently safest in regards to HIPAA security, and its free.

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