Medical Providers

Rita Rutland APRN Medical Director Headshot

Rita Rutland, APRN, Medical Director

I'm a Family Nurse practitioner. I primarily specialize in adult medicine. My focus is health promotion rather than disease management. Lifestyle modification rather than medications. My background is alternative health and sports medicine. I grew up in Japan immersed in holistic medicine and was a personal trainer before transitioning into a nursing career. I worked over 15 years as a nurse before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. I provide fee for service/concierge medicine tailored to the needs of my patients; phone consults and in home visits as well as office. I look forward to working with you on your health goals.

Emily Dettenmaier APRN Headshot

Emily Dettenmaier, APRN

I'm a nurse practitioner with an extensive work history of pediatric cardiology. I'm passionate about long term solutions to the health problems my patients face.

Mercedes Mortensen Head Shot

Mercedes Mortensen, APRN

I am a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. I have worked as a Registered Nurse for the past 20 years, with experience in Oncology, Orthopedics, and Neuro/Trauma Intensive Care. My first experience with Restorative Health was finishing my clinic hours here for my NP program. I love the passion and caring nature of everyone in the office, and it felt like a natural fit for me. I was lucky enough to be able to hire on after NP school so that I could continue to provide informative, caring, and passionate care to my patients tailored to their individual needs. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and concerts, as well as staying up to date with the many changes in the healthcare industry.

Micaela Healey BSN Headshot

Micaela Healey, Licensed BSN

I am a nursing student currently going for my bachelors at Nightingale college. I was granted my temporary RN license due to the pandemic, which has given me the opportunity to get a ton of hands on practice! I love everything medical, and my time here at Restorative Health has opened so many doors for me and given me amazing opportunities to hone my nursing skills and expand my knowledge in the medical field!

Guides | Therapists

Jamie Stirland Ketamine Guide Headshot

Jamie Stirland, Ketamine Guide

I started my experience with ketamine as a patient. I have always been passionate about mental health coming from a family with a genetic predisposition. As I went through my own healing process I became fascinated with the myriad of ways ketamine expands our conscious experience by starting at the subconscious level. I came to work at Restorative Health Primary Care originally to just help out with a growing business that helps so many people reclaim their lives. We realized that my personal experience gave me a unique ability to help others navigate their own treatments and create a safe space in which to process. This leads to deeper awareness while stimulating a healing approach to feeling our emotions instead of being driven by them. It has been a very organic process. The deeply profound way it has brought together one's conscious and subconscious so we can create a healthier relationship with our choices was one of the most freeing perspectives for me. I have seen people find a new peace in themselves. Learning more about ourselves on a personal level is always time well spent.

Kymberly Turiya, Marriage and Family Therapist

I have extensive experience in working with clients who have suffered from trauma. I worked as a Victim Advocate for the Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City during my undergraduate years and my passion for working with individuals who have suffered from trauma has only grown since then. I specialize in adults struggling with issues of childhood sexual abuse, attachment injuries and couples in conflict.

When working with people who are struggling with trauma, I utilize Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This is a proven modality for reprocessing trauma so that it no longer creates a negative impact on an individual’s life. I have found that when addressing trauma, the use of Ketamine helps open the client up and lets the ego get out of the way so that EMDR becomes that much more therapeutically effective.

Destiny DeLange, Ketamine Guide

My goal as a Ketamine Guide is to help facilitate a natural process in our body to rewire toxic thought patterns so we can take our power back. Between Ketamine and guided sessions we learn to step out of our trauma, out of our stories and loops that hold us hostage and in a state of trauma or depression. Together we break these cycles and create a place of safety within ourselves.

Office Management

Athena Rutland Patient Coordinator Headshot

Athena Rutland, Patient Coordinator

I don't know, I just work here.

Lisa Palacios Head Shot

Lisa Palacios, Digital Media Management

I am a social development, technology, and wellness enthusiast, and I believe firmly in the use of innovation and creativity to produce positive change. My first and foremost goal is to serve and help. Here at Restorative Health, I have the opportunity to achieve it every single day, having the possibility to improve my skills and develop myself as a person and individual in a community where everyone works for the wellbeing of others. With a background as a high-competition table tennis athlete, I've learned that mental health is primordial to live a happy, functional, and effective life, and that physical health is crucial to enjoying every moment without pain nor regrets, and that's why Restorative Health is an excellent place to accomplish this mission by serving people and helping them live an enjoyable life. Here, all our efforts are for the people.

Liseli Palacios, IT Management

I am a chemical engineering student, I like technology and helping people has become my passion. Seeing how people improve their quality of life and achieve things they once thought impossible is something that changes you and encourages you every day to do your part in making this world a better place. Here at Restorative Health we try our hardest to provide the best care and help our patients in any way we can, to see them walk out the door feeling better and happier is our goal.

William Beesley Office Manager Headshot

William Beesley, Office Manager

My goals 2018

  • Develop the best medical interventions for the best patient outcomes. Measure the results in a double blind placebo controlled study and work with collaborators to make improvements.

    • 2021 Results - Working on this. I've hired a statistician out of the UK to help me with the data. I'm not well studied on how to prepare good solid gold standard wake people up to the truth research. Candidly I'd love to partner with the U of U so one of these days I'll give them a call.

  • Have the best safety record in Utah

    • 2021 Results - 0 patient reportable incidents with over 3500 treatments done.

  • Have the the highest ranking and number of positive public comments

    • 2021 Results

  • Be transparent with our fees so our patients are never surprised (in a bad way, we love surprising them in a good way) click here to check out what we charge

  • Make medical experiences with us so positive patients tell their friends about us

Service Animal

Baymax Service Dog Headshot

Baymax, The Service Boy

Hi there, I'm Baymax. Your personal Healthcare companion. I belong to the patient coordinator and just hangout and do my job. I'm great to look at but you can't touch me. Trust me, it's hard for me too. I am a year old Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix who's goals are to just help my human through her issues. Love seeing all of your faces!