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5 Recommendations to Patients Planning on Ketamine Infusions

Authored by Mary Anne Anderson, M.Ed, CMHC  

Healing Pathways Therapy Center (HPTC)


I am a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, who specializes in the treatment of trauma and chronic illness. I became interested in working with clients as a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist, after experiencing lasting personal success with my first series of ketamine treatments (thanks to Restorative Health). I have since worked with many patients, offering counseling before, during, and between ketamine treatments - both in-clinic and through telehealth therapy sessions. 

I am certified to offer psychedelic psychotherapy, based on the completion of a comprehensive training program (https://www.scptr.org). I also have years of experience implementing principles and techniques of mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and other Self-directed modalities that emphasize each person’s potential for accessing inner healing wisdom. I look forward to working with you and meeting your needs. Please contact me for pricing and insurance coverage details.

Recommendation 1 | Detox and Fasting

Recommendation 2 | Meditation

Recommendation 3 | Journaling and Reflection

Recommendation 4 | Examples of Intentions

To optimize the SETTING of your treatment, I commit to providing compassionate, patient-centered psychotherapy, in a safe environment. 

Recommendation 5 | Positive Affirmations

If a client/patient were to enter a crisis state during ketamine treatment, I would call upon competent and trained staff at the clinic to offer additional support. In the rare event that a crisis was to become an emergency, available staff and I would work together to access the appropriate level of care for the client/patient.

INTEGRATION: After each ketamine session, I recommend and provide follow-up therapy sessions, typically within days of ketamine treatment, where the experience can be processed in a safe holding space.